The American Revolution – New War Tactics

The American army was made up of poorly trained milita. It was a disorgnized fighting force.

The Revolutionary War is arguably the most important war in U.S. history, and one of its most significant contributions is its influence on military tactics. The American Revolution illustrated to the world the success of guerrilla warfare. In the beginning of the war, when the Americans were outnumbered and disorganized, guerrilla tactics enabled them to survive until other European countries came to their aid. If the Continental Army had fought these early battles European style, in which two armies lined up and shot at each other, the Americans might not have lasted long enough to win the war. The British controlled a great deal of New World territory at the time and had more troops and money to train and supply them. The Americans lacked this monetary backing and, thus, their troops were poorly trained.

The effects of the American Revolution are still with us today. World War II would have been completely different if the U.S. had not pulled free of its colonial rulers and established itself as a nation and gained new states. Without the Revolution, the U.S. would have remained a British colony and might not have expanded like it did during the 1800s. Because it gained independence and went on to access more land, it eventually amassed enough money, natural resources, and manpower to help its European allies in WWII. As a result, the U.S. became a world power.

By the end of the Revolutionary War, the Americans were able to begin fighting European

With the assistance of French troops and ships, the Americans trapped and defeated the British at the Battle of Yorktown, finally ending the Revoloutionary War.

style because the French and the Spanish allies trained the Americans enough to make them a disciplined, organized fighting force. At this point, the European allies also were sending troops, and larger-scale battles could be fought, which injured the British Army enough to drive the British out of America.

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